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1-on-1, in person

A 1-on-1 workshop can be fully adapted to your wishes. We can focus on forest photography, but also on night photography in a city like Deventer, portrait photography, macro, or any other kind of photography that I am familiar with and that you would like to learn about. The level can vary from beginner to advanced. We can concentrate on camera settings and compositions or post-processing or a combination of both. The language is either Dutch of English.

As an example, the typical program of a 1-on-1 workshop 'forest photography' is as follows: in the morning we go shooting photos in a forest. I will explain about camera settings and compositions. Then we have lunch and in the afternoon I will explain my workflow and we will work on a few of your photos.

What should you bring (for a forest workshop)?

  • Camera with different lenses (up to 200 mm)
  • Tripod (you can also borrow one from me)
  • Clothes that can get dirty and good shoes (dependent on the weather, also dry clothes)
  • Pen and paper for making notes
  • Optionally your own laptop

Reference material 

After the workshop, you will get access to a page where you can download presentations and other material. In the presentations you can read the tips and tricks that have been addressed during the workshop.


The price is around 50 EUR/hour. The duration is at least 2 hours. Exact price depends on the duration and the location of the workshop. For more information, please contact me.


Please contact me to make a reservation for a 1-on-1 workshop. A small deposit of 30 euros is required for a definitive reservation. Refund of the deposit is not possible. The deposit can be made by bank transfer or via the PayPal button below.

In case of bad weather

In case of some light rain, the workshop will still take place. In the forest, the trees will provide some protection against the rain. In case some rain is forecasted, it might be wise to take that into account in terms of clothing. When the weather is too bad to shoot, a proper solution will be found (rescheduling or refund). Note that lack of fog or sunrays is obviously not considered as bad weather and lack of those is not a valid reason to cancel a workshop.

  • Caught in the act Pt. III
  • Caught in the act Pt. II

1-on-1, online

During an online 1-on-1 workshop using Skype and/or TeamViewer, I will teach you the tricks that I apply for editing my photos. The content and level will be adapted to your wishes and knowledge. Also the duration can be adapted to your needs.

The typical structure of a Skype workshop 

  • Explanation about camera settings and compositions
  • Explanation of my editing techniques based on some of my images
  • Editing of 1 or 2 of your images

Reference material

As for the regular workshops, as part of a Skype workshop you will get access to a page where you can download presentations and other material. 


The price is 55 EUR/hour. The duration is at least 1,5 hours.


Please contact me to book a Skype workshop.

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