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Sky replacement pack -  Dutch skies

I have created a pack of 50 high quality JPG files of Dutch skies. Every image is 8000 pixels wide. You can use them to replace the sky with the Sky Replacement tool of Photoshop or with the AI Sky Replacement tool of Luminar. And of course you can use them to replace the sky in your photos manually using your own favorite method.

What is included?

When you buy the Sky replacement pack - Dutch skies, you will get the following:

  • 50 high quality JPG files of Dutch skies, with sensor dust and other flaws removed and noise reduced using the best AI-based noise reduction software
  • Photoshop .sky file with all photos
  • Instructions for importing the photos in Photoshop and Luminar


The price of the Sky replacement pack - Dutch skies is EUR 19.

Terms of use

You may use this product for use in non-commercial and commercial photo-editing projects. You may not distribute or resell this product as is, use this product for commercial prints as is and you may not use this product in any way that allows other persons to edit photos, such as in photo-editing software or apps.

How to get it?

Click on the PayPal button below to make the payment. If the payment is successful, you can instantly download the material (don't close your browser too soon after payment). If you have problems or if you don't have PayPal or creditcard, contact me. Please note: this a digital product that cannot be returned. 

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