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Hot Red

Adobe Photoshop is a great program for editing your photos. But for newbies it can be quite overwhelming. This is one of the reasons why I created Photoshop actions: with my actions you can edit your photos in the same way as I do, in a fairly easy way and without too much knowledge of Photoshop. My actions can be used to create a vignette, to do color toning, output sharpening, to add a dreamy effect to a photo and more. The actions can be purchased as part of my tutorial material on forest photography or together with the portrait Photoshop actions.

After installing the actions, open the actions in Photoshop by pressing Alt+F9, or in the menu go to Window - Actions. In my workspace, I have docked them on the right side for easy access, see the screenshot below.

Actions docked on the right side of my workspace

Using them, is as simple as selecting an action and pressing the play button. Play the different actions to get familiar with the effects they create. The vignette actions can be used to add more depth to your photo. The Orton effect action can be used to add a dreamy effect to your photos and works nice in case of sunrays or mist. Several actions are available for color toning.

The actions have been optimized for robustness, such that you can also apply them to your photos in an easy way: you can stack them or apply an effect multiple times. Masks in combination with a (black) brush can be used to locally reduce the effect of an action or the opacity of a layer can be reduced to decrease the effect of the whole layer. Below you can see for some of the actions what effect they give.

My photo 'Hot Red' has been processed with my actions and standard Photoshop adjustment layers. No other software or plugins have been used for editing this photo. If you want to see the steps I have followed, get my tutorial and reference material and you get the Photoshop file of 'Hot Red' that contains all the steps that I have followed for editing my photo. So get my actions now and have fun editing your photos!

Hot Red - processed with Martin's Photoshop actions

Hot Red
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