Trierenberg Super Circuit Gold Medal 2019 - Martin Podt Photography
Just come cows and a dead tree

April 2019

On April 19 2019, I got again some great news from the organizers of the prestigious Trierenberg Super Circuit, the world's largest photo contest. For the second time I won a gold medal. This time in the special theme 'Sunrise - Sunset'. This means that October this year, I will be off to Austria again for the Gala of Photography to pick up my award. :)

The winning photo is a photo that I made in 2018, in Goor. I wanted to shot this dead tree already for a long time. And I remember that morning I passed by the tree, I finally had the conditions I was looking for. But, a bit unexpectedly, I got company from all these ladies. They were all looking at me, probably asking themselves why I disturbing them at this peaceful moment. :)

Just some cows and a dead tree

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