Saturday, October 14 we left for a trip to Germany and Austria to pick up my gold medal that I won in the Trierenberg Super Circuit. The Trierenberg Super Circuit is the world's largest photo art contest. With more than 100 thousand of entries from more than 100 countries around the globe the contest has reached kind of Olympic dimensions. The winning photo is my photo 'Reitdiephaven' that I made in Groningen, the Netherlands. I received the medal on October 16 in Linz at the Gala of photography. This was a perfectly organized, amazing event that I will never forget. 

Before the gala, we stayed in Schönau am Königssee, Germany, one of the most beautiful places in Germany in my opinion. After the gala, we stayed for a few days in Hallstatt. The weather was perfect. Perfect for long hiking trips, but maybe too perfect for photos. :) But anyhow, here a series of photos that I took during our stay in Germany and Austria. Enjoy!

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