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Martin Podt was born on a farm in the eastern part of the Netherlands, a rural area in which he still lives with his wife and two sons.

Martin has a passion for photography that started around 2013, although as a child he was already making photos with the SLR of his father. His camera is almost always by his side, for example during his mountain bike rides in the weekends through the Dutch forests. Martin’s main subjects are trees, forests and rural scenery. It is important for him that photos express a certain mood and evoke emotions and feelings. For this reason, photos of misty tree lined roads belong to his favorites.

Martin has won several prizes in national and international contests and he is constantly working on improving his skills. Through photography he has gained a great appreciation for the Dutch countryside and especially the forests in his area form a continuous source of inspiration for him.

Martin Podt Photography
Atalanta 6
7451 WZ Holten
The Netherlands



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